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Constant improvements

Major international competition requires constant production development and to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry initiatives, we work systematically with an active improvement and continuous development process.

This means that there is always something new underway, in addition to the daily production. We always work with short lead times, high flexibility and the best service.

LEAN Production

The supporting concept behind Lean Production is the development of a customised model for LEAX Arkivator Telecom.

We work with value flow analysis, the 5S system, Kanban, Supermarket, Poka Yoke, visualisation, SMED etc.

LEAN Product development

At Arkivator Telecom we work with Lean Product Development, also known as Lean PD. Put briefly, Lean PD involves two flows: knowledge flow and product flow.

The flow of knowledge is about capturing knowledge and reusing it in a systematic way.

Product flow includes information, personnel and equipment that produce documents, drawings, Bills of material and instructions etc.

One of the first tools we plan to introduce is Visual Planning.

LEAN Marketing

We have an optimised sales process, where the most important element is to maintain an open dialogue with our customers.

We have a detailed plan and maintain control over the planning where we constantly analyse the potential. We have also given priority to the interaction between the market and internal organisation which enables us to always keep what we promise. We will do what is necessary and nothing else.


5S means systematise. 5S stands for; Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.

When all the employees are involved, 5S generates the best production and with the active 5S everybody is naturally committed to the cause.

The application encourages visual control and identifies every form of waste.

5S is “less talk and more action”; i.e. get things done!