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Quality and environment

Arkivator Telecom's quality and environmental policy summarises our customers' thinking and points the way towards a brighter future.

The operations system is process-oriented with a clear structure. This ensures that operations are efficient with regard to both customer requirements and employee requirements as well as the requirements of the owners. The system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Our production facilities are furthermore certified according to ISO/TS 16949.

Our declared aim is to develop and enhance all processes at the company, and in the majority of areas this aim extends beyond the company.

What does Arkivator Telecom do?

It is vital for us to be resource-efficient, which applies from idea to finished product.

Materials selection, development, production methods, planning, quality, purchasing, inventory, and transport are all important processes that affect us a great deal. We are working to eliminate all unnecessary handling in each process.

Example: We have clearly-defined processes using the Kanban and supermarket method to reduce inventory and quickly detect any non-compliance. We also use agglomeration effects wherever possible when purchasing and transporting.

Quality and environmental policy

  • Arkivator Telecom shall be a valued and recognized global brand among Telecom Network Manufacturers. Long term to reach a market share of 30% for Microwave Antennas and accessories used in Telecom networks.
  • Arkivator Telecom shall develop, produce and deliver products that fulfil customer expectations in terms of price, technical quality, function, delivery precision, flexibility and service.
  • Arkivator Telecom works closely with our customers in the early stage of development phase to be a partner that provides the customer with complete solutions.
  • Arkivator Telecom has a strong knowledgeable team that solves tasks to meet  global requirements of our customers and always be compliant to valid regulations and standards.
  • Arkivator Telecom is focused on continuous improvements with target oriented work in cross functional teams to achieve the goals for the company. Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her work and for monitoring quality compliance in the work process.
  • Arkivator Telecom shall minimize environmental impact by following applicable legislation and demands from public authority as a minimum.


ISO Certifications

Quality and environmental questions are important to Arkivator Telecom.

We and our production units have the following certifications:

Arkivator Telecom Hungary

Arkivator Telecom Hungary quality and environmental documents: