LEAX Arkivator Telecom delivers connectors to customers around the world, offering high quality products for all mobile telephony standards. Our connectors offer many built-in advantages, such as an expanding inner conductor for superior electrical performance, longer body construction for reduced stress on cables, and advanced weather protection features, which completely eliminate the need for putty tape or any other external weatherproofing.

All of LEAX Arkivator Telecom's connectors have been tested for performance in a variety of extreme climatic conditions, from the coldest to the warmest temperatures and at different levels of humidity our products dust-tight and water-pressure proof down to 25 metres. This is equivalent to a pressure of 2.5 bar, a rating which far exceeds the requirements for IP68 classification according to international IEC standards.

Another benefit with our connectors is that they are fast and easy to install, and are fully compatible with all major cable brands.