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Waveguide products


Couplers from Arkivator Telecom are available in the standard frequency bands for radio links between 6 GHz and 38 GHz with possible coupling factors of 3 dB, 6 dB and 10 dB.

The design of the couplers is adapted to suit customer wishes; stand alone or integrated.

The material in the body is aluminium, and the unit is completely weather resistant when it is correctly connected to a sealed system using flanges for outdoor use. Arkivator Telecom can guarantee short lead times and a coupler performance that has been documented over many years of production in large volumes.

Arkivator Telecom uses a Branch Line Design for its couplers where the number of tracks varies depending on the requirements for bandwidth and the physical dimensions required by the radio and antenna mechanics.

Electrical specifications always comply with the customer's needs and wishes. Because the various electrical values often stand in relation to each other, there must be some trade-offs between the levels at the different ports of the couplers.


The diplexers from Arkivator Telecom are available in the standard frequency bands for radio links from 6GHz to 38GHz.

Filter design is fully adapted in accordance with the customer's preferences depending on electrical specifications and mechanical dimensions. The concept used is either an H-plane or a tuning free E-plane filter design.

Options for integration include isolators, low-pass filters, RF looping and coupler function. The unit consists of a receiver filter, a transmitter filter and a 3-port junction. All three ports are of the waveguide type. The mechanical interface is tailored to suit customer requirements.

The material in the body is aluminium, invar or cast zinc, and the surface treatment is, for example, silver or altisering.

The unique design allows for flexible production with very short lead times tested over many years of manufacturing.

Arkivator Telecom produces around 220,000 diplexers a year, which has given us a wealth of experience, especially with respect to the development of diplexers that are suited for production in large volumes.

Frequency Frequency band
6 GHz 5925 – 7105 MHz
7/8 GHz 7125 – 8500 MHz
11 GHz 10695 – 11705 MHz
13 GHz 12750 – 13250 MHz
15 GHz 14400 – 15350 MHz
18 GHz 17700 – 19700 MHz
23 GHz 21200 – 23600 MHz
26 GHz 24500 – 26500 MHz
28 GHz 27500 – 29500 MHz
38 GHz 37000 – 40000 MHz


Arkivator Telecom offers rectangular waveguides for common microwave frequencies.